Fracasse de 12

Party !


A street theatre show for all audiences, with mime, sing, dance and music.

Tailor-made special events company.

A young, innovative and unique multi-events company, that’s offers to support you in the great moments of your life. Birthdays, weddings, funerals, baptisms, honeymoons, bachelorette parties, and so many other occasions to be the ‘hero of the day’. They take care of everything and transcend the event so that you have a unique memory.

"And if you became the master of your own ceremony? What would happen? Would we dance? Would we sing?"

Things don’t always go as planned. A birthday is not always festive, and a funeral can hide a very beautiful ceremony. What if your last day was the happiest day of your life? So let’s party!

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Compagnie Fracasse de 12

Entre percussions, danses, théâtre, chants et acrobaties…

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