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Whoever loves me follows me

The Storyteller Company and its choreographer Amélie Jousseaume produce creations inspired by circus, hip-hop and contemporary dance.

Whoever loves me follows me

Création 2022

For all audience after 6 years old

23 minutes

Can be performed inside and outside

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The energy of hip-hop dance theatre and circus serve up a short, funny and disenchanted play about the desire for a different way of living together.

Social networks a place where we interact about everything and nothing : news, what’s trending or our daily worries. Nothing more than a barroom chat…

Evolving in a structure shaped like a giant hashtag, the dancer creates links between the physical and virtual worlds, what is said and experienced there, which can sometimes be highly addictive.

The body moves and changes as it explores this environment, a metaphor for social networks.

The space is confined between four walls, like a screen, and influences the body, which moves between anguish and adoration.

The hashtag structure becomes a way to rise up and distance oneself, expanding once field of view and giving a glimpse of the breadth of the world.

There is nothing left to do, but go out and embrace the world : the individual face to face with others, the artist face to face with the audience.

Winner of the Writing Grant Danse 2020 Beaumarchais SACD foundation

Performed by : Amélie Jousseaume

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